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hauptgeb_breitFurther FiFo Series


Further FiFo Series include the following (suspended) FiFo publication series:


Research Papers in Public Policy:

This publication series was created by Prof. Günter Schmölders and is published by Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinrich Hansmeyer, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kitterer and Prof. Dr. Klaus Mackscheidt at Duncker & Humblot, Berlin.

These articles can exclusively be purchased at bookstores or at the publishing company.


Discussion Papers on Environmental Policy:

In the course of the participation of the FiFo Institute in the special research project 419 of the University of Cologne this series (ISSN 1439-4545) was created in 1999 representing the FiFo's research focus on environmental economic issues.

You can directly view or download the articles here.


Special FiFo Publications:

This publication series has been in existence from 1979 until 1990 and was replaced by the Finanzwissenschaftliche Diskussionsbeiträge (FiFo-CPE Discussion Papers).

Some of the articles can still be purchased at bookstores or can be directly obtained from the FiFo Institute (please send fax +49221 42 2352 or e-mail).