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Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Mapping the Characteristics of Producer Subsidies: A review of pilot country studies

The ability to undertake meaningful subsidy reform, either nationally or multilaterally, is hampered by a lack of knowledge about the extent of support to the sector and where information on this support might be held. This paper helps increase the body of knowledge about the data sources that hold information on subsidies to fossil-fuel producers, by reviewing available data in a series of countries, diverse in terms of their level of data transparency, governance systems, energy markets and stages of economic development.


Using a detailed matrix setting out the main subsidy policies, the type of fuel, and their main data sources, pilot studies have been completed for China, Germany, Indonesia and the United States. The project team for each country evaluated commonly referenced data sources, such as databases collected by international bodies, and summarized how each source gathers information, including an assessment of their strengths and limitations. The FiFo Institute was responsible for the German study.

Auftraggeber Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI)
Bearbeiter Dipl.-Vw. Anna Jung, Dr. Michael Thöne
Status Abgeschlossen
Untold Billions. Fossil-Fuel Subsidies, their Impacts and the Path to Reform
Untold Billions: Fossil-Fuel Subsidies, their Impacts and the Path to Reform (pdf, 0,7 MB)