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Integration of ecological components into municipal financial compensations

Central to the project is the question how the overall balance of the entire relevant rural-urban linkages would look like if all external effects would be balanced out and what role the environmental spillover would play. The two versions of the environmental linkages that exist between the subspaces are concerned:

  • negative environmental impacts, one region hast to suffer through the actions of another (e.g. emissions)
  • positive environmental services provided by one region for another (e.g. conservation)

It is necessary to consider whether the (local) financial compensation offers opportunities to assign monetary equivalents to the ecological services provided by a region in the context of work distribution.

To begin with, the structure of the problem has to be clarified. External effects, in this case limited to positive effects, and instruments to internalize them are the focus of these considerations. A special emphasis is given to the different structures: problem structures and positive external effects are discussed for both private players as well as local authorities.

The second step is concerned with potential therapies. Different instrumental options are introduced which are set to help solving the problem. This step also presents examples of the compensations already in use, in order to match external effects between regions, especially the environmental performances of individual spaces.

The question of choosing an appropriate instrument for each problem will be examined in a third step by asking about the conceptual suitability of the municipal financial compensations. Therefore the general tasks of the financial compensations and the logic of the municipal financial compensations in particular are to be presented.


Based on the existing organization efforts of the municipal financial compensations, conceptual considerations for the payment of ecological services are facilitated. They result in the design of demand- and steering-oriented key-assignments and allocations as well as a critical performance review of these compensation tools.


positive environmental services provided by one region for another (e.g. conservation)


Auftraggeber The Federal Environment Agency
Bearbeiter Achim Kärchner, Eckhard Bergmann, Kersten Kellermann, Markus Steuernagel
Status Completed