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The effluent charge in North Rhine-Westphalia - Empirical survey and assessment

For the first time, since it entered into force in 1978 and became effective in 1981 through tax liability, the Waste Water Charge Act was empirically evaluated regarding its effects on collection and use. This was accomplished by an overall statistical analysis of all revenue collection procedures and notifications of funding for North Rhine-Westphalia.

To capture the potential effect of different effluent charges as part of the three amendments to 1993, the development of wastewater tax was traced as one of several tools of the national water conservation policy. This "evolution" was used as the basis to investigate various schemes of the wastewater tax on the relevant variables for empirical analysis. Longitudinal and cross-sectional analyses were used to compare the differences in the behavior of the dischargers regarding regional, water- and pollutant specifications. The data obtained for the variables was then transformed into time series. On this basis the observed effects were analyzed.

In Cooperation with:

State Office for Statistics and Data Processing, Düsseldorf

Auftraggeber Ministry for Regional Planning, Agriculture and Environment of North Rhine-Westphalia
Bearbeiter Dr. Heinz Mußhoff, Rainer Scholl
Status Completed
Verhaltensanreize der Abwasserabgabe
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Rainer Scholl
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Zur fünften Novelle der Abwasserabgabe
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Dr. Dieter Ewringmann, Rainer Scholl
Zur fünften Novelle der Abwasserabgabe (pdf, 127 KB)
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