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The impact of fast growing prices for oil and gas on cosumers in North Rhine-Westphalia

Climate change has posed a great challenge for many states regarding their energy policies. The public awareness concerning the damaging effects on the environment that come alongside the growing energy demand is increasing rapidly. Through its continuously rising engery prices, the development has an indirect distributive dimension as well. Especially low-income households are affected due to the higher impact of rising energy costs on the remaining household income and the lack of alternatives.  As requested by the Green Parliamentary Group in September 2005, the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament formed an inquiry commission which is set to investigate the long-term effects of the rising prices for oil- and gas imports on both economy and consumers within the state.


In its work for the commission, the institute focuses on the analytical and scientific evaluation of the rising energy price difficulty for private households. Furthermore, the fiscal consequences for the urban households originating from state side payments for low-income households are of interest too. The analysis will be primarily a micro simulation based on the 2003 income- and consumption sample (EVS).
Auftraggeber Enquête Comission of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia
Bearbeiter Dipl.-Vw. Christian Bergs, Dipl.-Vw. Gregor Glasmacher, Dr. Michael Thöne
Status Completed
Auswirkungen stark steigender Preise für Öl und Gas auf Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher in NRW
Endfassung der Kurzstudie. - Köln, April 2007
Michael Thöne, Christian Bergs, Gregor Glasmacher
Auswirkungen stark steigender Preise für Öl und Gas auf Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher in NRW (pdf, 469 KB)
Zu den Auswirkungen längerfristig stark steigender Preise von Öl- und Gasimporten auf die Wirtschaft und die Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher in Nordrhein-Westfalen
Bericht der Enquêtekommission des Landtags Nordrhein-Westfallen. - Düsseldorf, 2008