Michael Thöne


Finanzwissenschaftliches Forschungsinstitut an der Universität zu Köln

Postfach 13 01 36

50495 Köln

Tel.: 0221 13 97 51 0

Fax: 0221 13 97 51 11

E-Mail: thoene@fifo-koeln.de

Michael Thöne studied Economics and Political Sciences at the University of Cologne and at the Trinity College, University of Dublin. Since 2005, he is the Managing Director of the FiFo Institute of Public Economics at the University of Cologne.


Michael is a member of the following groups and boards: Chairman of the Working Group on Public Economics at  the Federal Minister of Finance, Member of the Financial and Economic Policy Commission of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Member of the Advisory Board “Reform of Fiscal Federalism” of the Ministry of Finance of the State Saxony-Anhalt, Member of the Advisory Board of Green Budget Germany, Member of Eurostat-Task force on COFOG - Classification of Functions of Government "of the European Commission, former Member of the Working Group “Dynamic Aspects of Investment Planning and Project Appraisal in the Traffic Sector”, German Road and Transportation Research Association, and a former Member of the Working Group "Quality of public Finances” of the Economic Policy Committee of the European Union.


Michael is working as a scientific policy consultant for more than 15 years, inter alia with ten federal ministries in Germany, state governments and parliaments, local government associations and local authorities, some international governments, EU institutions, the OECD and the WTO.


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